1 Month Guarantee

We want to make you the happiest costumer and our promise is that your files will be kept for one additional month after we send it to you, so in case you lose, delete by mistake or can't find them, they will be sent to you again.


Safety is number one priority and we know it, that's why you only pay after the work is done and you are totally satisfied with it. Payments are made based on an invoice either you are an individual or a company.


We assure you on contractual terms that we only use "free commercial use" images for your infographics/images with no attribution required so you don't need to worry about copyright, not a tiny bit.


We love keeping our clients updated about their requested services, so we can be very flexible when it comes to communication. We can use multiple platforms like Whatsapp, Slack, Facebook, Instagram and few others.

How it works?


First we get in touch and have a little talk about what you need and what we offer. Seems fair, right?


After we establish we can please your needs, we discuss contractual terms and our guarantee. Paper work.


Everything went smooth and now we need to find the best way possible for your product to get to us.


Your product arrived and now every idea you have we frame it, or we can help you with ideas, don't worry.


We start working on your beautiful pictures and we send you a first result. If you are happy with the result we proceed to our final step, if not we adjust everything you need to make your product look the way you see it.


Our final step is Payment. After everything is pleasing for you and you are happy with the results we provided, we'll send you and invoice with the amount we established at first and we're all set! Yay!